Each crisis can not be predicted in advance. Some incidents of destruction coming from time to time are embedded in the nature of life. From 1800 to 2019, along with Hurricane Fani, almost 300 light and destructive storms have shocked the lives of the people of Odisha.

It is said that we should not be burdened by the events that happen to mankind. History is witnessing that in the big economic and cultural storms mankind has achieved success in making a high stride of progress. As Joseph Kennedy has said, “Chinese people use two brush strokes to write words like crisis or disaster. One mark is for danger, the other is to redeem it as an opportunity. “

The intensity of the storm was less than the storms in the category 5, but the Oriya people faced this crisis by introducing the great fearlessness. The strength of this storm was equivalent to 1600 atom bombs. But the patience and flexibility of our people have presented an example before the whole world.

Some special points

  1. The efforts of government and non-governmental organizations in the area of ​​disaster management proved their success during the funeral of Orissa. The public and the fishermen there followed the instructions of the government. This is the reason that less was known than the destruction of the storm.
  2. Flexibility should not be synonymous with satisfaction. For this, we have to continue our preparation in two ways, (1) relief and (2) development.
  3. Experts believe that due to climate change, more severe storms can occur compared to previous years. For this, you have to be quick to get relief immediately. The infrastructure that can withstand calamity is to be developed.
  4. Central and state governments are working together to face emergency situations. Within 24 hours of the Phani storm, the work of supply and storage of petroleum was started.
  5. Livelihood protection should also be included in the global management program.
  6. The infrastructure of the power sector should be developed in this manner, which is 300 km. Can tolerate the hourly intensity storm.
  7. A joint effort in hurricane-like potential like Orissa, as well as the need for strengthening the community contract. Otherwise relief and rehabilitation work will become an emotionless tireless effort.
  8. To protect the daily life from such calamities, a policy should be prepared which has minimal impact on them.

The government should take immediate cognizance of the damage done to the livelihood of the farmers. In order to provide the best quality plants instead of the destroyed gardens of coconut, banana etc, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, the farmers should provide technical assistance and loan assistance.

The development of civilization has been based on the community. When the community gets tuned to become the best with an organizational effort, then it gives positive change to the disasters.


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