Since 1971, for the first time in the country, a political party has got such an overwhelming majority.She has opened the doors of a new political age. All political players should try to understand its signs, otherwise they will be drowned in their own kashicles.

The biggest impact of “Modi Tsunami” is seen as the end of dynastic politics. Over the years, it was accepted that the sons of high profile politicians will take over their dignity. Modi’s second major victory has broken this illusion.

Secondly, these elections have proven the politics of caste as futile. So far, many parties were formed on the basis of caste or community. In Uttar Pradesh, the Samajwadi-Bahujan Samajwadi Party had formed an alliance on the basis that votes of Yadav, Jatav, Dalit and Muslims could get this coalition. His math has failed in the new perspective, and it has been proved that the solution of caste mathematics can not be solved with political chemicals.

Third, the new political age has inaugurated a new process of leadership assessment. The voter has started actively thinking that he can lead best for his country after rising from dynastic loyalties.

Fourthly, these election results have proved that the people of the country want the rule of a trusted party. The BJP has put the concrete results of development, economic world, housing related to public welfare, cleanliness, electricity, gas etc. in front of the people.

The BJP kept away from the politics of appeasement, and kept its policies clear about this.

Through the Balakot attack, he has given a promise of security to the people of the nation.

Fifth, BJP has done the task of spreading evolutionary schemes in the states of Odisha, North-East Bengal etc., due to their expansion policy throughout India and bring them to the mainstream of the country. So far, Bengal has been considered as the Trinamool Congress stronghold. But BJP proved that in this era of new politics, no state can keep the defenses of the stronghold.

‘New politics’ can be expected that it will come true with all, everyone’s development will be true to the soul. Jagadguru had said about the importance of a civil dialogue, in which his opponent is also seen with democratic respect. Chanakya, who was a great diplomat, welcomed the views of the opposition, but he was an ardent advocate of a bright rule. They knew that the power of a nation lies in social harmony. Even in the new political age, these two great thinkers can be expected to maintain the importance of ideals.


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