In most of the government hospitals of which cotton and needle are not available even as the government does not have enough money. Nearly 20 million poor people of the country have the same food as June. In the country’s government schools, there is still a shortage of bench-chairs, as the governments run on deficit budgets. It is the opinion of many parties and leaders of that country that even if thousands of crores of rupees should be waived in the elections to be passed in the water, but the elections of the Lok Sabha and the Legislative Assemblies should not be done together, because of that, democracy and federalism will be in crisis. Regional feelings will not be represented in the legislatures. Elections together are against the basic spirit of the constitution. Do not know and how much basir feet! Opposition leaders of ‘One Nation, One Election’ forget that the first four general elections after Independence were the same. Then, an antitrust leader did not raise such questions as the leaders of the then were probably not so irresponsible.

In this way the overall situation is that some opposition parties on ‘one nation, one election’ are not going to be ready today, while together with elections, this poor country can get the benefit of saving of thousands of rupees. In the seventies, a nation and the tradition of two elections, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi cast her in such a time when her party was not till the majority in the Lok Sabha. They had alleged that they did what they had done under political selfishness. Then with the help of the DMK and communists, his government was running. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had felt that her popularity with her slogan of “Garibi Hatao” would not be redeemed after holding late elections. But today, Narendra Modi’s party has a complete majority in the Lok Sabha. Adding other parties of the NDA is a huge majority. NDA may get a majority in the Rajya Sabha next year possibly. That’s why this government can do this work in the countryside. If not, then he will make a promise. Again, the meaning of holding elections simultaneously will also be corrected, the mistake of 1970-1971 is being corrected.

To pay thousands of rupees in taxes to the public in unnecessary activities, it will be treated as a crime against the common people. The current government wants to avoid that crime. He must also avoid In order to save so much money, any public-sector government should be prepared to accept any political threat. However, there is no danger in this work. Popularity will be found only. For the political parties in this country that have made politics into business, more money for more money, i.e., more char Now, there is a lot of income being generated from selling tickets to some parties. However, not all parties are alike. Many discriminating parties are ready to cooperate with the government in achieving the goal of One Nation, One Election. When the elections were going on simultaneously till 1967, there was no threat to democracy. But now, some selfish leaders say they want to stop this mistake. Congress got a majority in the Lok Sabha in 1967, but the governments of non-Congress parties were formed in seven states. The states which formed the governments of the opposition parties in 1967, include DMK’s government in Tamil Nadu. Left Front governments were formed in West Bengal and Kerala while CPI and CPM today are against elections. Before that, in 1957, the communist government was formed under the leadership of Namboodiripad in Kerala. There were 53 seats in the Lok Sabha in Bihar in 1967. They got 33 seats in the Congress. In the Bihar Legislative Assembly, the Congress could not get a majority. The government of the opposition was formed, whose chief was Mahamaya Prasad Sinha. He was such a weird government, in which the ministers of the Jan Sangh and CPI were working together that means that there was also the intellectual discretion in the voters at that time that they knew who they were to be present in the Lok Sabha, and the legislation Who in the meeting Today the information is exploding, and many villages have got smart phones in the villages and villages. They know who to vote for them. In 2016, the then President Pranab Mukherjee had said that the political parties would meet together to conduct elections together in the entire country. He said that due to the huge elections, there is not only a waste of money but also the adverse effect of the functioning of the governments. In 2016, the Election Commission also said that if political parties are ready for change in the constitution, then we are ready to hold elections for the Lok Sabha-assembly together. Opposition to contest elections together argues that regional parties will weaken from it. But the 2014 election was contrasted. Elections were held in Odisha, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh assemblies, along with the Lok Sabha elections. There were regional parties in all the three states, while at the center the BJP-led NDA government was formed, meaning that despite the election, the importance of the regional issue was not reduced. With the center coming to power in 2014, Narendra Modi started to emphasize the need for one nation, one election. In 2016, he had said that no one can impose elections simultaneously. But being a huge country of India, all parties should discuss this in view of the complexities and economic burden of elections. The Prime Minister convened an all-party meeting on this subject on 19th June when some parties, including the Congress, boycotted that meeting. But 21 parties supported the initiative of One Nation, One Election.

However, Congress could atone for its 1970-71 mistake by supporting it. But it seems that it is not in his nature. It seems like this campaign will be successful late-in the evening due to the support of 21 parties. But whatever practical difficulties may come up with, they have to find solutions. By the way, those difficulties and their solutions have already been discussed. Discussions that constitutional experts have their way through the solution. Meanwhile, the panel constituted by the Prime Minister to give suggestions on this subject will also give its valuable suggestions within the time limit. Panel One Nation will consider all aspects of the One Election. On the basis of that report, there will be further decisions. Law Commission has already given its opinion in favor of it. Former Chief Election Commissioner SY Quraishi has said that there is no double-view that there will be far-reaching positive effects of elections. This election will also be a part of the reform. Good thing is that the government is trying to get a consensus to achieve this goal. The government is discussing this. Do not want to impose it But the question is that in this case, Qureshi’s good ideas will never have any impact on those parties whose sole purpose is to oppose every action of the Modi government. Even if you have lost thousands of crores of crores of rupees from the government’s work! In the same way that the then prime minister Indira Gandhi laid the foundation for different elections in 1970-71, the current government should not forget that by refusing to protest, the mistake will be corrected.


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