Implementation of water conservation measures should be done strictly with speeding up the water supply to each household, and effective measures should be taken to prevent waste of water.

Looking at the way Modi government is giving priority to providing drinking water to everyone in its second term, it can be said that the plan to get water from the tap to every household is getting the same importance as the clean India during the previous tenure. The campaign was found. It is necessary to speed up the flow of water from every tap in every house, because today only 18 percent of the country’s villages have tap water supply. The fact is that where water is supplied with tap now either the quality of drinking water is declining or its supply is getting interrupted.

There is also a crisis that the level of ground water in different parts of the country is constantly going down or it is getting contaminated. It can not be overlooked that on one hand where many small rivers have reached the brink of destruction due to pollution or encroachment, other conventional sources of water are being eroded. In view of this, the newly formed Central Water Mission should realize that there are serious challenges before him. The Union Government can not face these challenges alone. It is not necessarily only that the Center should get the support of the states in solving the water crisis of every kind, but it is also not to introduce any kind of narrow politics on the question of water, because today the state is also facing water crisis. There are many small rivers where you are looking at the mouth.

It is true that the efforts made by the Modi government to clean the Ganga in the last five years are now bringing color, but the plans for conservation of other major rivers are not visible. Small and seasonal rivers do not look like anybody. It is welcome that Water Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, after meeting with the State Drinking Water Ministers, outlined that the target of drinking water supply in the country’s 82 per cent rural area has been decided, but it is a difficult target is. It can be understood from this that only today Sikkim is a state where water is transmitted through taps in 99% households.

Not satisfied with the states that the states agreed on the rational use of water, because such consents are often proven to be paperwork. It is better that with the speed of water supply to each household, the water conservation measures should be strictly implemented and the effective steps should be taken to prevent wastage of water. If necessary, new laws should be created. It is also time demand that river water should be brought to the concurrent list of constitution. It is also essential that the common man also cares about water conservation.


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