Why in the discussion?

Recently, Traffic Index 2019 has been released by TomTom, a location technology company based in Amsterdam. Significantly, TomTom provides traffic solutions using Location Technology to gather traffic information.

According to this index, due to excessive drinking on roads in the country’s financial capital Mumbai, it takes 65 per cent more time for people to reach their destination, while 58 per cent more in the national capital Delhi.
The latest index includes 403 cities in 56 countries of the world, including 13 new cities. In Colombia, the Bogota city of Colombia is second and Peru’s Lima is ranked third and Moscow is fifth.
India’s Capital Delhi is the fourth most populated city in the world.

Side effects of traffic congestion
(Effects of Traffic Congestion)

It increases sound and air pollution.
According to a study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2016, 14 global cities were included in 20 most polluted cities globally.
In comparison to any other country in India, the deaths of most 120,000 people per year due to traffic accidents.
Most of the road accidents happen in India, while in Delhi, it is the third place at the global level.
Direct linkage of economic losses is from the monetary value of time engaged in traffic.
According to a study by Global Consultancy Firm, due to traffic in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata, the annual cost economy is 1.47 lakh crores.
In the event of traffic jam, the path of emergency vehicles like Abulance, military vehicle is also obstructed.
Violation of traffic rules, violation of Red Lights, driving in the right lane are the most important reasons for traffic jams.
If we look at the positive side, then it is a sign of a strong economy.

Forward path

In order to solve this problem, the government should promote roads like widening roads, construction of new roads and underpasses.
Strict provisions like punishment and penalties should be made against those who violate the proper management and traffic rules of roads.
Providing Commuter Subsidies for public transport, carpooling, ridingsharing for travel.
If Delhiites start traveling through ridingsharing, then 22,369 acres of area can be traffic free in Delhi.
The government should ban the purchase of cars and four wheelers while changing the Car-Centric Policy.
Providing proper parking to carpool workers
Providing guidebook to all employees who provide information about alternative means of traffic and encourage their use.


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