Social justice Nipah virus and fruit bat

Why in the discussion?

Recently, Fruit Bat / (A type of Bat) in Kerala has been identified as the carrier of Fatal Nipah Virus (Nipah Virus).

What is ‘fruit bat’?

‘They depend on fruits for food. They use sniffing ability to detect fruits, while insectivorous bats detect their prey with the help of echo.
‘Fruit bat’ belongs to the Pteropodidae family, which is the Natural Hosts for Nipah virus.
Fruit bats are found extensively in South and South-East Asia and are also known as Flying Fox.

Relationship between nipah virus and fruit bait

Nipah virus is present in the body of bat / bats (without any disease).
As soon as bat / bats come in contact with a mammal or pig, the nipah virus enters into it.
According to the National Institute of Virology, the virus was first infected with fruit bats, marked as Pteropus species.
During its outbreak in Bangladesh, the researchers detected Nipah’s antibodies in Indian Flying Fox.

The importance

The identity of the carrier / source of nipah infection will help prevent it from spreading in the future

Other diseases related to bats

All bats may be carriers of the virus, some of which are also deadly / deadly, which are as follows:
Severe acute respiratory syndrome-SARS antibodies were found in insectivorous bats.
Ebola antibodies were found in ‘Hammer-headed bat’.
Indian Flying Fox is a carrier of more than 50 viruses.
About 1200 species of bats are found on the earth. In terms of numbers, their participation in total mammals is about 20 percent.
As long as the bloom continues, the temperature of the body of the bats increases, which helps in strengthening the immune system and preventing the pathogenic effects of microbes.

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome ( SARS)

This is a viral respiratory disease occurring in humans, which is caused by SARS Corona virus. This is the deadly type of pneumonia, extremely serious.
SARS was found in the year 2002 in Guangdong province of southern China.

What is nipah

Recently, Kerala has confirmed the outbreak of Nipah virus in the state.
Nipah is a viral infection. Its main symptoms are fever, cough, headache, swelling in the brain, vomiting, difficulty breathing, etc.
This virus takes humans as well as animals into their grip. It easily goes from one person to another.
According to the World Health Organization, nipah virus is a new emerging disease. It is also called ‘Nipah Virus Encephalitis’.
Nipah virus is a kind of brain fever. It is transitioned rapidly. It transports the person to coma within 48 hours of infection.
There is no treatment for it and no vaccine is available till now.
Nipah virus was discovered in Malaysia for the first time in 1999.
Its first case in India came out in Siliguri in 2001.
Natural carriers of the virus are fruit bats, which are widely found in south and south-east Asia.


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